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March 18, 2007

Myrica rubra(Chinese Bayberry/Chinese strawberry tree)

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Yangmei Wenzhou ,Zhejiang,China

A friend of mine Jan just sent me an E-mail asking me about the if the Chinese strawberry is what we mentioned the Bayberry.

Well, I think they are quite different though they belong to the same genus Myrica

in the family Myricaceae.And the Myrica Common names include Bayberry, Candleberry, Sweet Gale and Wax-myrtle.Myrica faya fruit

As you can see in the picture.The one in the top is what I was talking-Chinese strawbertty tree.While the second is

Myrica faya fruit.

The Myrica rubra is also called Yangmei(Chinese 杨梅,in pinyin),yamamomo(Japanese),Chinese Bayberry ,Japanese Bayberry,Red bayberry or Chinese strawberry

(and often mistranslated from Chinese as arbutus)

We began to grow it 2000 years ago and it is an economically important crop in our country .

We eat them fresh.It tastes sweet and tart.Besides fresh consumption, the fruits are commonly dried, canned, and fermented into alcohol.

.alcoholic beverages

It can serve as aperitif.Which is usually a home-made.I like my grandma’s Yang mei alcohol very much! These fermented fruits are so tasty when you fish out them from the wine and splash with sugar .


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